How Could the Second Season of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Possibly Be Darker Than the First?

Fame Focus — Over the weekend, a handful of lucky reporters had the opportunity to preview the second season of the Hulu original series, The Handmaid’s Tale. Additionally, star of the Golden Globe and Emmy-winning series, Elisabeth Moss, alongside executive producers Bruce Miller and Warren Littlefield revealed a few tantalizing details about the new season, premiering on Wednesday, […]

The Razzle Dazzle Bird

Know Your Meme — The Razzle Dazzle Bird refers to an image of a bird stretching its leg out towards a body of water. It has been used in an image macro series in which the bird and the water are labeled different things.

Hawaii Missile False Alarm

Know Your Meme — Hawaii Missile False Alarm refers to an emergency alert residents of the state of Hawaii received, warning them on an impending “ballistic missile threat.” The alert created a panic in the state until the alert was deemed a false alarm about 30 minutes later.

Exploring Positive Survivorship Experiences of Indigenous Australian Cancer Patients

MDPI — Amongst Indigenous Australians, “cancer” has negative connotations that detrimentally impact upon access to cancer care services. Barriers to accessing cancer services amongst Indigenous Australians are widely reported. In contrast, factors that facilitate this cohort to successfully navigate cancer care services (“enablers”) are scarcely reported in the literature. Through qualitative interviews, this article examines factors that assist Indigenous Australians to have positive cancer...